Lets's Go Drifting!

Let's Go Drifting!


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Augusut 7 Civic Holiday - Shannonville Motorsports Park Drift School - Intermediate

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*Purchase this ticket if you've got your own car and want to drive, or if you want to drive one of the school. The school cars are shared in groups of 3 on skidpad. Rental prices on school cars include 10% discounted entry fee. Read the FAQ for more info on the school car rentals* 

Whats up guys and gals! We're at Shannonville on the 30th! Do you like the skidpad? Do you like advanced driving? Well you've come to the right place. I'm not kidding. This is going to be intense: advanced and tandem only driving with a mini competition at the end of the day. EXCITING!!!! PRIZES PRIZES AND MORE PRIZES LETS GO BABY!

Unfortunately, Shannonville Skidpad is really expensive now. The cost just to rent the skidpad almost doubled this year vs last. And vs 3 years ago, is exactly double. I'm sorry if this is more than you're used to paying for skidpad but I can't do anything about other than charge more $$ or just not use the skidpad anymore in future years.